Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi world. Yes, it's me. You don't know who I am - yet, but you will very soon. I'm lying across my bed...thinking about today and what has transpired...then realizing, there's nothing I can do about anything at all, right now. Just a quick thought that I wanted to share with you. 

Well, anyways, a little background about the Lady who wrote these words you're reading right now. I am from a legacy of strong women who have triumphed through some of the hardest times and situations. They are my pillars of strength, and from them came me. Born in Boston (BeanTown, USA), raised in the Peachy clean of the southern states. I have eyes of coal and skin of bronze, hair of wool and a spirit like fire! I'm here, Baby, like it or not...I'm making my presence known. Feel free to stay, you're more than welcomed to, sitrightbackandrelaxyourfeet... Let what I gotta tell ya soothe your mind and mend your soul. Let my words from this day forward linger in your spirit...waiting...wanting...more.